Schnellerstrasse, Berlin

Type: WG-Zimmer (40 ㎡) im Apartment
Preis €750
Verfügbar 10-07-2022
Adresse Schnellerstrasse
Wohnungseigentum 90 m²
Postleitzahl 12439
Stadt Berlin

THIS OFFER IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTS THAT ARE CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN A UNIVERSITY OR HOCHSCHULE IN THE CITY OF BERLIN! The Apartment has 2 Rooms to rent and each room will be rented out to two single individuality. Room-1, is 750 Euro Room-2, is 700 Euro Please be aware that HousingAnywhere is an online booking platform. Therefore exchanging contact details and offering viewings is not possible. If you would like to reserve this accommodation, send me a booking request or a message and please mention your age and occupation. I look forward to meeting you!

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