Otto-Suhr-Allee, Berlin

Type: Gesamte Apartment
Preis €1450
Verfügbar 15-05-2023
Adresse Otto-Suhr-Allee
Wohnungseigentum 47 m²
Postleitzahl 10585
Stadt Berlin

The fully furnished 1-room flat is located on the 1st floor at Charlottenburg Town Hall. It has wireless flat internet access. The room and the glazed loggia (with double bed) face south into the very beautiful and quiet courtyard. The flat is therefore very quiet. The loggia virtually serves as a bedroom for about 6 months - except in the cold months, as heating cannot be provided there and condensation occurs. You can sleep there in the months of April to October. In the other months, the loggia may not be used because of the formation of condensation. In the...

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